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Information about admissions to Wellington Primary School for academic year 2023-24 can be found on the Tower Hamlets website.

Tower Hamlets Local Authority manage admissions to Wellington Primary School. They also manage appeals. They can be contacted by telephoning 020 7364 5006

Catchment Area

The school catchment area is the defined area in which a school is located. It is generally bounded by major roads and/or railway/canal. The catchment area for each Tower Hamlets Community school is set by the Local Authority and designed to ensure that each address in the borough falls into the catchment area of local school. Details of community schools within the catchment area for a particular address can be viewed on the Local Authority’s website: http://www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/equalchance

Moving to secondary school

Starting Reception at Wellington

Starting Nursery at Wellington

For information about joining Wellington Primary School in-year in any year group, click here.


For more information about moving to secondary school, click here.


For more information about starting in Reception, click here.


For more information about starting in Nursery, click here.