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Wellington Foodbank

The Wellington Food Bank runs every Tuesday afternoon to support families facing significant financial hardship - families who have little or no money to buy food and hygiene products after meeting other financial obligations such as gas, electricity and rent.  

The intention of the food bank is to provide goods to families who face a short-term financial crisis and not to provide goods on a long-term basis. 


Ensuring our food bank is carefully targeted

We are working with The London Borough of Tower Hamlets to make sure we can give food and financial support to those families who need it most.  We will inform you about changes to our food bank as they become clearer.


Who can access the food bank?

The list below provides information about the circumstances we consider when supporting families.

  • parents who have no recourse to public funds
  • families who experience an income shock due to illness, loss of employment, relationship breakdown or death of the main breadwinner
  • parents who are waiting for their first Universal Credit payment
  • parents who are going through financial hardship due to multiple debts
  • parents who have deductions from their benefits towards their debts - rent arrears, third part deduction for gas, electricity, water debt or court fines
  • parents who are affected by the benefit cap or bedroom tax
  • parents who have a 3rd child (or more) born after April 2017 and are going through financial hardship

If you are experiencing circumstances outside of this list but are struggling to buy essentials for your family, please complete the request below and we will do our best to assist you.

If you wish to access the school food bank, please complete the request opposite.

Wellington Food Bank Request

Cost of Living Hub

The Mayor of London has launched the Cost of Living Hub, a new online resource for Londoners struggling with the rising cost of living: https://www.london.gov.uk/cost-living-hub.

The hub helps Londoners access information, support and advice to help manage their household finances. It includes a wide range of information about claiming benefits, help in dealing with debt, financial management and mental health support.

To explore the hub, please visit https://www.london.gov.uk/cost-living-hub.