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Design Technology

Design Technology is an important part of the Wellington curriculum as it supports children to think creatively and seek solutions to problems.

At Wellington the Design Technology (DT) curriculum has been planned so that children will:

  • Be inspired by engineers, chefs, architects and designers 
  • Understand DT in a real-life context and be able to give examples of the products developed as a result of this discipline 
  • Develop high levels of technical knowledge: structures, mechanisms, textiles, electrical systems and food products 
  • Engage in problem-solving, creative design and evaluative thinking  
  • Develop specific practical abilities, so that they're able to use tools and equipment with accuracy  
  • Have secure knowledge of a broad range of materials and components that they can use in practical contexts 
  • Use technical language to effectively talk about their design intention, technical process and the effectiveness of product 

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Learning Gallery

Y1 Autumn: Structures: Buildings

Year 1 Autumn: Structures

Year 1 Autumn: Structures