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Wellington Primary School was last inspected in October 2022, and maintained its grading of good. There was enough evidence of improved performance to suggest the school could be judged as outstanding and they will come back in 1 - 2 years to check whether we are outstanding through a full graded inspection.

Ofsted's report celebrates the hard work, positivity and achievements of the children and staff at Wellington. We are proud of our report which confirms:

- pupils are extremely proud and happy members of the school community

- pupils are safe and follow the school rules consistently well

- all pupils receive appropriate support so they can access and progress well in every subject and over time and across very year group achieve the ambitious aims of the school's curriculum

- the school promotes a love of reading from the moment children start school

- the school makes great efforts to work together with families 


To read the 2022 report, click here.



Wellington Primary School was previously inspected in March 2017, and maintained its grading of good.

Ofsted commended many of the strengths that make Wellington such a wonderful school to teach and learn in, confirming that Wellington has

- leaders with a passion and drive to secure the highest outcomes for pupils

- a strong and dynamic teaching team

- governors who are skilful in the support they offer

- pupils whose attitudes to learning are very positive

- pupils who are considerate, respectful and caring to each other’s needs and well-being

- a thematic curriculum that enables pupils to transfer key skills across subjects

- a parent community that is very supportive of the school

To read the 2017 report, please click here.


Parent view

Parent view gives parents the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school.
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