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School uniform 

We expect all children to wear our school uniform, although this does not have to have the Wellington logo. Plain versions can be purchased in markets and supermarkets.

Our uniform consists of:

  • a black jumper
  • a choice of blue, green, red, yellow or white polo shirt
  • black or grey trousers or skirt
    (shorts and summer dresses can be worn when the weather is warmer)
  • black shoes
    (black trainers are okay as long as they are plain black and have black laces, and white or black sandals which fasten around the ankle can be worn when the weather is warmer)
  • PE kit consisting of purple t-shirt, black shorts and a black draw-string bag
  • a black book bag

We don't hold stocks of uniform in school. Uniform with our logo is available to order from Speedstitch, our usual supplier, by clicking on the link below. Plain uniform can be bought from markets and supermarkets, and we regularly run secondhand uniform sales.

To buy our school uniform, click on the link to our supplier, Speedstitch, below: