Health, Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE) - Consultation

In the Summer term, all schools will start to teach the Health, Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE) curriculum. Before teaching starts, schools are asking parents for their views on their HRSE policy and the resources they will use to deliver it in the classroom.

This web page is designed to help parents and carers understand Wellington's HRSE policy, which is based on the recommendations of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

We invited all parents and carers to share their views about our policy by completing a consultation questionnaire. The consultation is now closed.

Thank you to all parents and carers who completed the consultation - we will feed back soon. 


To read our draft Health, Relationships and Sex Education Policy click here.

To hear our draft Health, Relationships and Sex Education Policy summarised in Bengali (Sylheti) click here.

Consultation questionnaire

The consultation questionnaire is now closed: 

To hear the questionnaire translated in Bengali (Sylheti) click here.

The survey was run by Survey Monkey which keeps ISP addresses for 13 months.

Examples of resources

The HRSE Curriculum has two statutory elements which are Health Education and Relationships Education. To see examples of the resources that will be used at Wellington, please click on the links below.

Health Education

  • Mental Wellbeing - click here 
  • Physical Health and Fitness - click here
  • Internet Safety and Harms - click here
  • Healthy Eating - click here
  • Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco - click here
  • Health and Prevention - click here
  • Basic First Aid - click here 
  • Changing Adolescent Bodies - click here

Relationships Education

  • Families and People Who Care For Me - click here
  • Caring Friendships - click here
  • Respectful Relationships - click here
  • Online Relationships - click here
  • Being Safe - click here

More information

For information from the Department for Education (DfE), click here.

For information from London Borough of Tower Hamlets, click here.


If you require a paper copy of policy, please contact the school office.