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Improvement priorities 2022 - 23 

Priority 1: Maths development 

All children acquire a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of maths (including Y2 Teaching for Mastery).

Priority 2: English development - Oracy and reading

Children acquire an extensive, rich and varied vocabulary and strong subject knowledge to support talk and reading comprehension.

Priority 3: Behaviours and relationships

All children know and display the expected personal behaviours which underpin the school’s rules for life and values.

  • Ready: Value – Learning, Behaviours – curious, persistent, ambitious
  • Respectful: Value – Respect, Behaviours – co-operative, empathetic, kind
  • Safe: Value – Wellbeing, Behaviours – resilient, healthy, responsible

Our School Development Plan is written with reference to our school self-evaluation findings.