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Other activities

Here are some fun and educational websites that you might like to visit if you are working at home.

Get Creative with the Tate Gallery


Tate Kids has lots of ideas for creative learning. You could go on a colour walk, make a play dough structure or learn about a famous artist: 

Strengthen Body and Mind with Cosmic Kids Yoga

Storybooks and Games with the BookTrust

Visit the BookTrust website for lots of lovely interactive storybooks: 

Visit Virtual London Zoo

If you love animals or are interested in working with animals in the future visit London Zoo online:


Explore Nature with the Natural History Museum

Check out The Natural History Museum’s ‘try this at home’ page for fun activities and quizzes.


National Geographic Kids

Find out about the world and all the animals in it by going to National Geographic Kids.


Interested in space?

Nasa’s website for children has lots of information about all things space related.


Story Linked Writing

If you have a budding author in the family, they might want to do some writing linked to a story. Go to https://www.talk4writing.com/home-school-units/

And don't forget...