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Science is an integral part of our curriculum at Wellington.  We recognise that children are fascinated about the world around them and their place within it and aim to ensure that our Science curriculum enables them to develop a profound understanding of  themselves and our world.  The Science curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity through regular hands on experience and cross curricular learning.

The Science curriculum at Wellington has been planned so that children will:

  • Master key scientific knowledge across all scientific disciplines: Chemistry, Biology and Physics, with a depth of understanding that enables them to understand the world around them and excel in their future learning
  • Be inspired by scientists, including modern day heroes such as Tim Peake
  • Be curious and excited about the world around them and how things occur
  • Pose ambitious scientific questions and find answers to them through engaging and exciting investigations
  • Conduct investigations that use the five different methods of enquiry
  • Use scientific vocabulary to explain ideas and make conclusions
  • Explore the local environment (and beyond) which is richly populated with many different trees, plants, animals and mini-beasts
  • Be resilient when things go wrong and develop problem solving skills to find a solution
  • Develop co-operative skills by working together, sharing ideas and resources
  • Develop a passion for Science and want to add to the new scientific discoveries being made everyday 

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Disciplinary knowledge

Children learn what it means to be a scientist:


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