Home learning

If children are learning from home, this page will be used to provide learning activities for each year group.

Please find below a link to your child's year group. Click on the link and you will be taken to a page of resources, including links to the Oak National Academy. The work provided will match the work that children are covering in class. 

In addition, there are lots of really good resources available online and we have put together a page of further links here.

Every child should aim to work for 4 hours each day.

Remember to read every day.

Fun time activities for everyone

Remember: It is good to take a break and have some family time!

For more ideas to keep yourself healthy click here.

Go for a walk and see how many different birds you can see

Make a fruit face and share it with your family

Play Kim’s Game

  • collect 7-12 objects from around the home
  • get a small towel or scarf
  • show your family your 7 objects
  • hide them with the towel or scarf
  • secretly take one object away
  • show your family the 6 objects that are left
  • can they guess what you have taken

Play games together inside and out

Make your own sandwiches and have an indoor picnic

Make a model from empty boxes

Make a cress family

You need cress seed and empty egg shells or yogurt pots

  • draw a face on a yogurt post or egg shell
  • put wet tissue/cotton wool into the yogurt pot or egg shell
  • sprinkle on some cress seeds
  • put them on a window sill to grow

Make bark rubbings in the park

The Cemetery Park has lots of trees!

Make a combination creature

You need two or three people, a piece of paper and pens

  • the first person secretly draws a head with a neck and then folds the paper down so the head is hidden but a little bit of neck is showing
  • the second person secretly draws a body on to the neck and then folds the paper down so the body can’t be seen (just two tiny lines to show were the body ends)
  • the next person draws the legs

Open up the picture and see what your creature looks like!