Nursery home learning

Please complete one a day with a parent or carer.

Make a sandwich with a grown up

Can you

  • butter the bread?
  • place the filling on carefully?

Cut your sandwich in half?


Make some play-dough

Can you get a bowl and mix in

  • one cup of flour
  • half a cup of salt
  • half a cup of water

You can add one or two drops of food colouring if you want to.

This video shows you how to make play-dough:


Help with the washing up


Box Modelling

Can you

  • collect empty boxes and containers
  • make a model
  • decorate your model


Read a story


Make a Den

Can you

  • collect cushions and blankets
  • make a den
  • go inside it and play

Measuring hands

Can you

  • on paper, draw around the hands of people in your family
  • cut the hands out

Put them in order from biggest to smallest


Help to tidy and clean


Make a cress family

You need cress seed and empty egg shells or yogurt pots

Can you

  • draw a face on a yogurt post or egg shell
  • put wet tissue/cotton wool into the yogurt pot or egg shell
  • sprinkle on some cress seeds
  • put them on a window sill to grow


Dance with your family


Play Kim’s Game

Play this game with lots of people from your family

Can you

  • collect 7 objects from around the home
  • get a small towel or scarf
  • show your family your 7 objects
  • hide them with the towel or scarf
  • secretly take one object away
  • show your family the 6 objects that are left
  • can they guess what you have taken


Peg out some washing


Pair up socks

Can you

  • collect the socks that have been washed
  • match them up
  • give them out to your family


Set the table for your family