Nursery home learning

If you are working at home, please complete two a day with a parent or carer.

More activities can be found here.


Fun Activities

There are some fun activities ideas on the Tiny Happy People Website: 

Our favourites are:
Let's make believe:

Have fun learning opposites:

Play memory games:

You could also learn some nursery rhymes together:

Remember to be active every day. Why not do some dancing with Boogie Beebies?
There are lots of videos at

Hello from Mrs Choudhury

Mrs Choudhury talks about shopping

 Keep the balloon up

Can you

  • blow up some balloons
  • keep batting the balloon into the air
  • don't let the  balloons don’t touch the ground!
  • make it more fun and turn it into a game or competition

Physical movement is very important for good health and development so exercise every day

Story time

Can you

  • re-tell a traditional tale, acting it out using toys (Can you remember Goldilocks?)
  • make a poster or make tickets and ask your family to come and watch
  • film it on a device and watch back with your family

Make a sandwich with a grown up

Can you

  • butter the bread?
  • place the filling on carefully?
  • cut your sandwich in half?


Make some play-dough

Can you get a bowl and mix in

  • one cup of flour
  • half a cup of salt
  • half a cup of water

You can add one or two drops of food colouring if you want to.

This video shows you how to make play-dough:


Help with the washing up


Box Modelling

Can you

  • collect empty boxes and containers
  • make a model
  • decorate your model


Read a story


Make a Den

Can you

  • collect cushions and blankets
  • make a den
  • go inside it and play


Easter Chick Hand

Can you

  • Trace around your hand with pen onto paper
  • Cut out the shape of your hand
  • Colour it in
  • Draw eyes and a beak  


Easter Egg Hunt

Can you

  • Draw pictures of Easter eggs and cut them out
  • Hide them around your house
  • Challenge your family to go and 'hunt' for them
  • Did they find them all?
  • Count to check!

Playing shops

Can you

  • get some food and set up a shop in the kitchen or living room
  • price each item using paper tags (numbers to 10)
  • take it in turns to buy items from the shop
  • pay with either real money or make your own paper coins.

Use this opportunity to talk about healthy eating too

Measuring and counting

Can you

  • find plastic containers such as yogurt pots, milk bottles, cups
  • find a pan and put it in your kitchen sink
  • use the different pots to fill the pan, count how many pots it takes to fill it up e.g. how many yogurt pots?, how may cups?
  • use words like "full", "empty", "half", "more", "less"

Make a scrap book

Can you

  • make a book by folding a piece of paper in half
  • find pictures, numbers and words and letters in old news papers and magazines
  • cut them out and stick them into your book
  • share your scrap book with someone in your family and talk about what you have stuck inside

You could make scrap books of different things e.g. an animal scrap book, a number scrap book, a colour scrap book

Measuring hands

Can you

  • on paper, draw around the hands of people in your family
  • cut the hands out

Put them in order from biggest to smallest


Help to tidy and clean


Make a cress family

You need cress seed and empty egg shells or yogurt pots

Can you

  • draw a face on a yogurt post or egg shell
  • put wet tissue/cotton wool into the yogurt pot or egg shell
  • sprinkle on some cress seeds
  • put them on a window sill to grow


Dance with your family


Play Kim’s Game

Play this game with lots of people from your family

Can you

  • collect 7 objects from around the home
  • get a small towel or scarf
  • show your family your 7 objects
  • hide them with the towel or scarf
  • secretly take one object away
  • show your family the 6 objects that are left
  • can they guess what you have taken


Peg out some washing


Pair up socks

Can you

  • collect the socks that have been washed
  • match them up
  • give them out to your family


Set the table for your family

Sorting Washing

Can you

  • Help your parent to empty the washing machine
  • Sort the washing items by colour
  • Count the clothes as you take them out


Easter Egg Mosaic

Can you 

  • Cut different coloured paper into small pieces (use wrappers, old newspapers or junk mail adverts)
  • Cut two egg shapes out of white paper
  • Glue the pieces of paper onto the egg shapes

This is a good activity for developing scissor skills!