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Online-safety - keeping children safe on line


Tips for keeping your children safe online or when watching streamed television services:

  • Check the content they are viewing is age appropriate - remember many sites have an age-limit of 13
  • Ensure that if you or older siblings are viewing adult content, that children are not exposed to it
  • Ask your children to show you the apps, games and content they are viewing and talk about whether it is appropriate or not
  • Set up parental controls on apps and devices – Internet Matters gives guidance on how to do this, and we are always happy to help
  • Tell children to talk to their teachers if they are worried about anything online


Find information below to help you understand how to keep children safe in the digital world. Click to download each document.

A good source of online safety information for everyone is the Think u Know website : https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/




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