Reception home learning


If you are working from home, click on the image below for the Oak National Academy.

Look at this week's work. On your first day at home, regardless of the day, start with Monday's activities.

The next day, do Tuesday's activities. Work your way through the week.


More fun activities can be found here.

Activities menu

Choose an activity every day

  • Build a den out of chairs, cushions and blankets.
  • Have a birthday party for your favourite toy.
  • Hide some ‘treasure’, and make a treasure map for your family to help them find it. 
  • Make some finger prints and turn them into animals
  • Draw around your hand and turn it into an animal.
  • Do some junk modelling.
  • Make a cake with your family.
  • Help prepare dinner.
  • Go for a walk outside and look for the bears in the windows.
  • Dance to your favourite songs.
  • Practice some of the songs we sing at school.
  • Play some imaginary games with your toys.
  • Help with the washing - sort the laundry by colour and count the clothes into the washing machine.
  • Create a memory box.
  • Play tenpin bowling using rolled up socks for a ball and toilet roll tubes as the skittles