Parent and carers

Wellington Primary School works in close partnership with our parents.

We meet with our parents regularly throughout the year, providing information about how your child is learning, and how you can support your child to do the best they possibly can. We do this through regular meetings and curriculum workshops.

We also have a Home-School Agreement, which parents sign when their children start at school. You can see this here.

We also run workshops to provide information for parents about the things that matter to you.

Click here to see our current range of parent meetings.

Click here to see the latest newsletter from Tower Hamlets Parental Engagement Team - Families Matter.



At a recent conference, some of our children heard about the problem of anxiety in our children. A major NHS report indicated that as many as 4 children in a class of 30 could be suffering from an emotional disorder. Click here to read about how to help children understand, cope and become strengthened by their experiences of anxiety.



Tower Hamlets sessions for parents/carers
Tower Hamlets sessions for parents/carers