The Governing Body has to make sure our school meets the needs of every child so they achieve as well as they possibly can.

Together with the headteacher, members of the Governing Body:

  • agree how the school grows and improves (strategic development)
  • make sure children learn and achieve to their best ability (accountability)
  • check the work of the school (monitoring and evaluation)

Governing Body 2018-19

The Governing Body at Wellington is made up of the following Governors:

Full name Type Appointed Term Who appointed

Martin Grant

Staff - Headteacher - - Ex-officio

Rebecca Harris

Staff 5.7.17 4 years Elected
Jill Cochrane
(Chair of the Governing Body
- currently absent)
Local Authority 1.11.14 4 years Governing Body
Hinda Adam Parent 16.3.16 4 years Elected
Shahada Chowdhury Parent 17.11.17 4 years Elected
Enamul Goni Parent 17.11.17 4 years Elected
Nazmul Haque Parent 5.7.17 4 years Elected
Bill Wright
(Currently Acting Chair of the
Govenring Body)
Co-opted 18.3.15 4 years  Governing Body
Sarah-Jane Lowry Co-opted   4 years Governing Body
Krishna Santhanam Co-opted 10.12.15 4 years Governing Body
Clifford Atkins Co-opted  16.3.16 4 years Governing Body
Bethany Walton Co-opted 6.3.19 4 years Governing Body

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Committee Membership

Standards Committee Resources Committee Performance management Pay committee

Hinda Adam
Clifford Atkins
Shahada Chowdhury
Martin Grant
Rebecca Harris
Mandy Kellegher (Observer)
Sarah-Jane Lowry
Bill Wright

Jennifer Cox (Observer)
Enamul Goni
Martin Grant
 Nazmul Haque
Krishna Santhanam (Chair)
Bill Wright

Bill Wright (Chair)
Clifford Atkins

Hinda Adam
Clifford Atkins
Shahada Chowdhury
Martin Grant
Nazmul Haque
Sarah-Jane Lowry
Krishna Santhanam






Attendance at Governing Body meetings 2018-19


Former members of the Governing Body 2014 onwards


Name Type Date stepped down
Alan Mak LEA 29.9.14
Michael Ingram Community  5.4.15
Elizabeth Harwick Co-opted 30.9.15
Hafsa Begum Parent 6.12.15
Lois Moore Co-opted 16.3.16
Lenka Fabryova Parent 16.3.16
Elizabeth Beanland Staff 12.7.16
Zubheda Hafiz Parent  
Shafia Khatun Parent
Hafsa Begum Parent