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Celebrating the Learning in Reception

Children in Reception are excited about being able to play and learn altogether again. We hope you enjoy looking at a selection of the amazing learning that they have been doing.


The Reception superheroes have some amazing kit. Super-power armbands with fire, water and invisibility power and, of course, masks - identities must remain top secret!

Bye, Bye Butterflies

Our caterpillars have changed into butterflies and this week we released them. 

We waved goodbye to our butterflies. We hope they live a long and happy life. We enjoyed watching them grow and change!

Handmade Birdfeeders

The children noticed that the birds had eaten the food that was hanging on the tree but had not eaten the food under our outdoor shelter.  Therefore they decided to move their handmade birdfeeders to make sure that the birds had lots of delicious food to eat.

Time to Plant Out

Our skilful gardeners have been planting out their vegetables. Look at how carefully they handle the plants, such expertise!

We can't wait to harvest our crop of beans!

Looking Forward To Eid

Children are looking forward to celebrating Eid next week. Lots of children have been making Eid cards for their friends and family.

Problem Solving With Shapes

The children have been looking at shapes and working out how sides, edges and corners can be joined together to make new shapes, patterns and pictures.

Can you see the triangle tree and the person?

Superhero Card Game

Children have been inspired by the card games they have been playing in maths. This superhero card game has been very popular!

Postcards to Pink Class

The children have sent postcards to each other. This postcard is inviting new friends to play a favourite game.

Sharing Our Learning

Children from Pink Class and Blue Class have been looking at each other's special books and telling each other about their learning. 

Making Bird Feeders

We have been making bird feeders with Gardener Alice.

We used apples and sunflower seeds.

Shape Mobile

What a good idea, creating a mobile from the shapes. This will help everyone to remember the learning.

Pink Class

Little To Large

The theme for our Reception learning is 'From Little To Large'. We have become fascinated by the natural world.

We love reading, especially our non-fiction books about mini-beasts. 

Pink Class Caterpillars

Our Pink Class caterpillars are growing. We watch them carefully everyday.

We enjoy learning together. We are talking about what will happen to our class caterpillars as they change from little to large.

We have been inspired to look really closely. We are being observational artists. We are so proud of the detail that is being included in our drawings.

This grasshopper has shades of green, just like a real one. Can you see the detail on the face, the munching mouth and large eyes?

We have been planting and caring for our own seeds. We wonder whether they will grow as tall as our tree, or whether they'll be visited by lots of bees?

Mathematical Thinking

We decided to draw around the block shapes to see how we could connect them together. This is very impressive mathematical artwork!

Growing Potatoes

We are growing potatoes. We know that we need to water them because we haven't had any rain for days and days. Children in Pink Class are really caring. We can't wait to eat our crop!


Threading really improves hand-eye co-ordination and dexterity. We were challenging ourselves to use narrower pasta or thread. Mr Hodge was proud of our perseverance.


In Pink Class we know that good teamwork gets results!

Setting up shop

We decided to make a shop to sell our mud kitchen creations. We had to work together to construct a counter, create our muddy goods and then to price everything. We take cash or card!

Remembering Our Learning

We have enjoyed looking back through our learning and talking about it together.

Sight Words

We have been checking that we can still read all our sight words. 

Enjoying Playing and Learning

We have been moulding the sand, playing co-operatively and discussing our ideas together.

We have been playing imaginatively. Would you like a delicious mud cake, freshly created in our mud kitchen?

Mud Café Menu

Our mud café menu is updated every day. Today the soup and orange smoothies were very popular.


We have learnt how to play hopscotch and it has become a bit of a 'craze'.

We have become quite skilful!


You have to really concentrate when you're playing dominoes.

Luckily, in Reception, we concentrate and never give up!

Blue Class


We are learning all about numbers up to 20.

Planting Seeds

Our Summer Term theme is 'From Little To Large'. We have been planting little seeds so that we can take care of them and learn what they need to grow larger and larger.

We have been working with our school gardeners so that we can become expert plants people!


We have been investigating different ways of combining our colour tipped sticks.

Ms Shaw is proud of the way we can talk about what we have done.

We work well as a team to problem solve together.

Sand Investigation

We have been exploring how to make sand travel around our enormous sandpit. 

Maths: Splitting a whole into parts

We have been learning the part, part, whole model in maths. We need to use our number skills to work out what two smaller number equal the larger number. We even know that we can use 0 too!

We have been practising our part, part, whole maths outside and inside.

Creative and Collaborative Construction

We are so proud of the children in Blue Class. Their amazing teamwork has produced some fantastic creative models. If you look closely you can see that some of the mini-me people have a matching tiny-me too!

This beautiful sculptural construction is worthy of an art gallery. Do you think we should phone The Tate!

Junk Modelling

This amazing vehicle was created independently. We are so proud of how carefully the different parts have been joined together and the detail is astounding! 

The next challenge for this budding engineer to to work out how to create a winder for the string tow mechanism!

Role Play: The Doctors

We have been using our role play area to learn about keeping healthy. Our highly skilled doctors are very caring and thorough!

We are very proud of our independent writing, - prescription anyone?

Mud Kitchen Maths

We enjoy working together to solve problems like, what quantities of mud and water do we need to make a mouldable mud!

Observational Paintings

Blue Class have been learning to use water colours to paint.

We have been looking carefully at flowers and using water colours to paint a picture of them.

We included lots of detail.

We used our paintings to make Mother's Day cards to celebrate and give thanks to the mums, grandmas, carers, sisters and friends who nurture us.

Superhero Drawings

Some children have done some wonderful, self-initiated drawing and writing.

Two superheroes in the making drew and labelled their favourite Marvel characters!

Sight Words

We have been practising our sight words and finding creative new ways to read and spell them.
Can you read this one?