Celebrating the Learning in Nursery


Mini Beasts

We have been fascinated by the small creatures that live in the garden. They have inspired us to get creative!

A playdough mini beast with antenna.

Jade Class Baby Clinic

We have expanded our doctors surgery and now have a baby clinic too.

In nursery we have had a baby clinic. We have learnt how to care for others and improved our ability to fasten buttons and zips. We found changing the babies quite challenging, but we keep on trying in Jade Class!

Co-operative Construction

We have worked hard to create amazing buildings and obstacle courses. We are very proud of our good teamwork in Jade Class.

Comic Relief

We celebrated comic relief today. We tried to make each other laugh by pulling funny faces!


In nursery we learn to play and learn together. With good teamwork we created this amazing model!


We have been doing yoga to help us stretch and relax.

Mother's Day

In Nursery we have been investigating printing. We used our printing skills to make Mother's Day cards to celebrate and give thanks to the mums, grandmas, carers, sisters and friends who nurture us.

Nursery Maths

We do lots and lots of counting in Jade Class. Here we are counting tiny beans, we need to use our hands and fingers very carefully to put them into the counting frames.

Nursery Science

A rainy day is a good opportunity to learn about colour mixing.  We have made green by mixing yellow and blue powder paint in a puddle!

Jade Class Garden Centre

We are selling plants, seeds and garden tools in our garden centre. Plants are very popular.

Growing Seeds

We have been planting seeds.

We water our seeds to help them grow.

Numbers and Counting

We enjoy counting and reading and writing numbers. 

Nursery Mud Kitchen

We have enjoyed making mud mixes.  Would anyone like a mud cake?

Letters and Sounds in Nursery

We have been learning to listen to and make different sounds using musical instruments.

Nursery Authors

We have been writing our own books. We enjoy being authors!

People Who Help Us

We are learning all about people who help us. In Jade Class we have our very own doctor's surgery where our kind and friendly doctors will look after you and help to make you better!

The nursery doctor's surgery has a special dental area too!